Civil Engineering Services

Welcome to One Way Civil Engineering – your trusted partner in delivering top-tier civil engineering solutions. Our expansive portfolio of services extends beyond traditional groundwork, providing in-depth expertise in earthworks, excavations, deep drainage, road construction, and more.

Our Civil Engineering Services

At One Way, we harness the latest technology and proven methodologies to ensure your civil engineering project is executed to the highest standards.

Our earthworks services form the foundation of your construction project. Our team is skilled in topsoil stripping, muck shifting, cut and fill operations, and land grading to prepare your site for construction optimally.

We provide precise excavation services, whether it’s for foundations, utilities, or site preparation. Our team operates with the utmost care to ensure the structural integrity of the site.

To safeguard your project from water damage, we offer deep drainage solutions. Our comprehensive services include the design and installation of systems for stormwater management, groundwater control, and sewer connections.

From private access roads to major highways, our road construction services are thorough and efficient. We manage every aspect, including grading, subgrade stabilization, base course and asphalt laying, and line marking.

We are well-versed in Section 278 agreements, enabling developers to carry out works on public highways. We ensure all work is performed in accordance with local authority standards, from the initial design stage to completion.

Our team has extensive experience with Section 104 agreements, enabling the adoption of sewers and drainage infrastructure by local water companies. We ensure that all works comply with necessary regulations and quality standards.

Why Choose One Way Civil Engineering?

Our team comprises industry veterans with a wealth of experience in managing diverse civil engineering projects.

We adhere to stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring our work aligns with industry regulations and best practices.

We prioritize our clients’ needs, offering bespoke solutions tailored to each project’s unique requirements.

We are committed to sustainable construction practices, reducing our environmental footprint and promoting the use of eco-friendly materials.

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